How to Store Linens & Blankets

How to Store Linens & Blankets

Linens and blankets can prove to be a difficult item to store away, usually due to the large size or bulky shape. We can help with this problem by exploring different storage options and tips on how to extend the life of linens and blankets. With our help it doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Storage Ideas and Tips
The first step we recommend for blanket storage is to start with clear storage containers. These containers allow for easy and simple organization all while providing you with protection and easy access storage. The transparency that comes with clear storage containers helps with quick identification as well. A decorative way for at home blanket storage is getting baskets for your blankets. Baskets let you store your blankets in plain sight and are a very popular decorative feature.

For linen storage at home, breathable storage bags are preferred. With these bags it is more difficult for moisture to get trapped, which provides an extra step of protection for delicate linens. Additionally, it is safer for these items to be folded rather than rolled up to protect them against thinning or stretching.

One additional tip is to use a Cedar Hope Chest. This popular method is usually placed at the end of your bed. You can easily access blankets and other linens. Plus, the cedar wood helps to deter pests such as moths. Another great idea is an ottoman with storage, these options give you plenty of space all while keeping your home organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Self Storage for Linens and Blankets
If you are still lacking storage space for linens and blankets or other various items, StorageMart and Manhattan Mini Storage can solve that problem. We offer affordable storage space with no long-term obligations. Plus, many of our facilities feature climate-controlled units for those delicate fabrics. Find storage near you and rent online today!


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