How to Organize Your Pantry

How to Organize Your Pantry

Organizing your pantry is an essential kitchen task that can help make cooking and shopping for food more efficient, and more enjoyable. It is important to have well-organized pantry shelves to help maximize your pantry storage and allow everything to be easier to find. Plus, there are tons of affordable accessories to help with organization as well.

Pantry Organization Tips
Here are some helpful pantry organization tips to help you get started.

Take Inventory – Before organizing your pantry, take inventory of what storage solutions you already have and if you need more. Then throw away any expired food and canned goods. You can begin organizing now that you have disposed of old goods and taken inventory.
Sort Items by Category – Once you’ve taken inventory of all the items in your pantry, start sorting them into categories such as canned goods, snacks, baking ingredients, etc. Doing this will make it easier for you to find things and keep them organized in the future.
Designate an Area for Each Category – After you’ve sorted your pantry items into categories, decide which area of your pantry will serve as a designated home for each category. For example, have one shelf dedicated to canned goods and another shelf dedicated to snacks, etc. Doing so will prevent inorganization in the future.
Utilize Containers – To take pantry organization up a level, consider investing in additional bins or containers that are the right size to fit into shelves. This will separate everything and allow you to use all your space.
Label Everything – Once you have found the perfect spots for all your pantry items, we recommend using labels. Labeling will allow you to easily find items when you need them and help prevent putting goods where they do not belong.

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