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Five Home Safety Tips for Children

Five Home Safety Tips for Children

With more kids at home full-time, it’s important to keep the environment safe. The following five tips can help improve safety for the whole family in every room of your home.

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1. Secure Household Products
Cleaning products, laundry detergent, and medications are potential hazards for children of all ages. Maintain a clean and safe home when you secure toxins in a locked cabinet or out of reach of little fingers. For peace of mind, always have emergency phone numbers placed in a prominent location.

2. Childproof the Kitchen
From hot stoves to spoiled food, the kitchen includes numerous safety hazards. Take a few minutes to childproof this room and teach your children a variety of safety precautions.

First, you may designate a pantry or refrigerator drawer for kids’ snacks that require no cooking. If your older children cook, provide supervision. Next, remember to unplug and turn off appliances after you use them. Finally, follow safe food storage and preparation steps.

3. Attach Furniture to the Wall
Dressers, TV stands and bookshelves keep your home organized, but these furniture pieces are also tempting toys. Active children may decide to climb or play on them so its always best to use anchor kits or furniture restraints to avoid anything tipping over. You can find these materials online or at your local hardware store, and furniture retailers sometimes include these essential safety tools with your purchase.

4. Remove Electrical Risks
Electricity may power up your child’s favorite gaming device, but that can still come with some risk. Walk through your house and remove any dangers as you improve electrical safety.

Consider covering electrical outlets, especially if you have toddlers moving around the house. Tape or otherwise secure electrical cords to the ground so your kids don’t trip. Limit your use of extension cords, too, as you plug in a variety of devices for school and entertainment.

5. Limit Fire Hazards
In the excitement of playing, children may not realize that household items can cause fires. Take steps to remove potential hazards and practice fire safety as a family.

Start by locking away matches, lighters and flammable liquids, and teach your kids that these items are not toys. Always supervise food as you cook, and store a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Keep fabrics and other flammable materials away from heat sources. At least twice a year, check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they function properly.

Safety at home can be more crucial now that your kids are home more. Take special precautions and follow these tips as you secure your home. As always, make sure your home is covered and protected by contacting your local independent insurance agent to help gain additional peace of mind.

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